Company Profile

Her Chiang Ping Co., Ltd. is a Thai trading company founded in 1987 by 4 co-founders from 4 countries (Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos) who have mutual business goals and missions. As we have been experienced in product sourcing area for almost 30 years, we are the expert in various products supplying to Indo-China market. We also hold our own house brands with the qualified outsourced production. Our main current product sourcing areas are;


Menswear (shirts, Polo knit, pants, suits, underwear)

Textile Piece Goods

Car / Truck / Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle Supplies (brake shoes, battery etc.)


With 15 of dedicated and experienced staff members, we are well serving our customers in Indo-China region with products that match with their needs. Our professional staff members are always working hard to keep our customers up-to-dated and satisfied with our products and services provided.


Due to strong alliances from manufacturers, loyal business partners as well as our own team, we have been gradually growing with the anticipation for more business opportunities from Asian Economic Community (AEC). Our core corporate value is to work with integrity, fairness and corporate transparency.


Pailert Chokchairittikul

Managing Director



Textile Piece Goods

Car / Truck / Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle Supplies

Contact Us

Her Chiang Ping Co., Ltd.

41/55 Soi Soontornpimol, Jarumuang Rd.

 Khet Patumwan, Bangkok 10330.


Tel: (66)2-215-9364, (66)2-611-6417

Mobile: (66)81-645-9779, (66)81- 626-4634




Business Hours: Mon- Fri 9.00 - 18.00, Sat 9.00 - 17.00 (closed on first Saturday of each month)

It is our pleasure to serve our customers with any other requested products or services.